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Dec 10, 2003


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Just stumbled onto your site. I love your style of writing and what you have to say. I will be back to check you out again. Gale

Hi Dave. Thanks for the blogger's mind overview. It is hard to imagine that someone would be so desparate for visits that they would put the words clown porn on their site. Clown porn. What the heck is clown porn? Why would someone go out looking for clown porn anyway? Just for links? Has anyone ever come to your site for clown porn? Nah. Guess they would never find those words on your site. And yes, you can delete this comment without hurting my feelings. I'm just in a Jack Daniels sort of mood. Hi Gretch. Y'all batten down any hatches you might have, looks like this next one is going to be an icey one. Yuk.

Fred, are you trying to raise my standings with Google? :)

I appreciate your efforts on my behalf, but I cannot answer your question. This essay by Star C. Foster is the first time I have heard of that particular technique for boosting traffic.

great post - I think I'm going to enjoy reading your blog :-)

well there is such a thing as clown porn. it's a movie made by ramco productions which i'm proud to be a part of.. it's a hilarious adult comedy and yes there are clowns doing the dirty in it..

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