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Mar 23, 2004


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You make so many good points.

Personaly speaking, it took me a long time to pluck up the courage to start my blog. And once I had, I still wasn't sure how long it was going to last. Like you say, I still don't know the answer to that one, but I'm around the 3 month mark now, which is longer than I perhaps secretly expected.

For me, a blog is a way of recording my experiences and observations in Tokyo. I'm a foreigner here, and my colleagues are all Japanese, so posting stuff in my blog is not only a way to record such things, but also as a form of release. My colleagues (understandably) don't see things the way I do as an outsider.

I think it also helps me to remember better too. I wish I had started blogging a lot earlier, as so many incidents and events have sadly slipped from my mind.

Like yourself, I'd like to keep blogging for years to come. Only time will tell...

Well David, we expect your blogging efforts to continue for many years yet. No fair stopping. You are required reading. :)

I have been writing creatively since junior high school (age 64 now)..bits and pieces all thru my life--never professionally published anything--except for, would you believe, crossword puzzles! I have edited & published 3 different "house organs" at various jobs.......creativity oozes out of me:writing, painting, photography, thought..etc.
I am writitng more now (since I started blogging June-03) than I ever have. I have struggled with "what to blog", get the 'beals' now and then--and have now found a blog "style" that gives me endless sources to ooze out my creativity--have even considered writing my "last" blog NOW & have someone blog publish it for me! And quickly, I have a couple of high school blogging friends that use their blog to vent their unhappiness of the moment--long live the blogs and the bloggers!

Bravo, David. This jives perfectly with my experiences of reading and writing blogs. It had not occurred to me that dissertations are already being written about this phenomena, but I am sure you are right.

I worry about coming up with new ideas. Most of the time I try to avoid the common discussions (celebs, politics, current events) in favour of ideas. Doesn't seem to bring in the traffic though, but I'm enjoying myself. I suppose one has to get out of the mindset that #vistors = validation, but that mentality is hard to drop. I guess if you go into the blogging world trying hard to become a net celebrity then you're probably going to be dissapointed. I just wish I didn't feel I was going crazy.. ;)

I've been working out in my gym for years. Who knows...maybe I'll be doing the "heavy lifing" of literary strength-building for years, too.

Thought provoking.... I really enjoyed this post.... I particularly root for your comment no. 6 - when the words don't come, work on something else....

I have often struggled with the question of 'who do I want my audience to be'.... as a commercial / social researcher, I sometimes write posts which are focussed on marketing / research techniques.... which do not elicit any response because people who read my blog come looking for 'general' stuff (going by the kind of posts that evoke comments)....

is focus necessary in a blog... for it to surbvive..... I don't know the answer....

You certainly make some pertinent points in an age when blogs are dropping like nine pins. It is extremely important, as you say to know why do you blog and what keeps you going. Lack of time is merely an excuse for the ones who drop out and shows that blogging was just a passing phenomenon that they wanted to be a part of.

I've stopped by before via Spinning and experienced a bout of comment anxiety - sorry about that.

The list you put together is wonderful, and I plan to keep the link handy each time I ask myself why I continue to maintain my blog. When I can't find the words, I take photographs instead.

Thank you, and I'll be stopping by more often!

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