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May 25, 2005


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While I agree that the ability to share ideas is the greatest catalyst for change, I don't know how rapidly the signal to noise ratio will improve in allowing like minded people to find each other. Such a system would have massive amounts of data to process on a regular basis. There is also risk that the control of such systems will become a basis for power. The closest we have right now I Google and blogs. Voices are out there and search engines help us find them. I doubt we'll ever get to the point where I want a system to actively suggest new voices for me to listen to; however, I wouldn't mind if somehow I could give the search engine a topic I'm interested in and have the results be custom fitted to me (not just my search terms).

Besides the potential for abuse of power by those controlling systems that connect people there is also the risk that the connections will develop into group-think. I wonder if anyone has yet studied group-think in "virtual" communities.

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