What kind of blog is this?

Welcome to Ripples: post-corporate adventures. Join me as I explore the brave new world of post-corporate life. This is not retirement, because I expect to be working for many more years. You can think of it as a corporate afterlife, where the rules are changed and, gasp!, you can make them up as you go along. I will be discussing everything from micro-businesses to artists, anything that can affect your future.

This weblog contains a running account of my adventures creating a viable career as a craftsman/ writer/publisher after 50 years of corporate employment. The range of topics is a result of my curiosity about many things that are not my business.

You will find:

  • Essays about balancing work and life, and about business practices that are harmful to your sanity
  • Essays on achieving happines, creating lasting relationships, and living life to the fullest extent
  • Entertaining analyses of technological changes which will affect your life style and ability to produce income
  • Promising artists with unusual backgrounds and incredible talent
  • Interesting restaurants, interesting animals, humongeous racing boats
  • People who charm and entertain, musicians who lighten the heart, people who create wonderful food
  • People in distant places who bring us news of a world struggling to be free
  • People I would like you to know

When I discovered blogging, it caused me to look at life, and myself, in a totally different way. In the process of writing daily essays, I found new insights on a daily basis that allow me to address topics that I never wrote about before.

For example, when I left corporate life, I never looked back, because I was immediately engaged in launching a new career. Now, after almost two years of blogging, I can easily see solutions to workplace problems that dogged me for years. I knew things weren't being done right, but I was unable to address them effectively because I was so embroiled in the day-to-day battles of getting products out. It clearly illustrates the truth of the old saying, "When you are up to here in alligators, it's hard to remember that you are draining a swamp."

Now that the din of corporate commotion has died away and the Kool-Aid has worn off, I see many things about corporate life that can be fixed through better communication and I write about them as the mood strikes. I wrote enough of these essays that I ended up by publishing a book about surviving corporate employment, and have a second book in the works about management. I will also be publishing a small book on the joys of self-publishing, title to be determined.

The purpose of this weblog is to share knowledge and make it as entertaining as possible. I don't know of a genre that specifically captures this, although punditry comes close, so I'll continue along the course I've chosen without further positioning. I respect and appreciate the advice I have received from my readers, so if you feel the urge to suggest new topics or to advise me on branding and positioning for better effect, please send me an email.