I have presented information on this site which I have found to be factual and helpful in my own life and when applied to others in the clearest way I know. The information may be entertaining, but it can also alter existing conditions as well as beliefs. It is presented as material for use, not as something to believe in.

This material is not recommended for individuals who are completely happy with the way their lives are going now and do not wish to experience change. It can produce undesired effects on those who are not able to take responsibility for their own actions.

Some of the information presented on this site has been known to cause sweeping changes in the lives of people who have understood it and applied it. These changes include but are not limited to: shifts in awareness, emotional tone level, employment, marital status and financial condition.

If you wish to use this data, you need to ensure that you do not go by any words that you do not understand because you will not be able to apply the principles involved.