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Welcome to the Bloggers Helping Bloggers alliance. If you would like to assist other bloggers to become gainfully employed, you have come to the right place.

The purpose of this alliance is to facilitate communication between bloggers who can help and bloggers who would like help in getting a job or a better job. This is still a work in progress so there will be many changes in the near future.

The basic premise is that bloggers should be able to work effectively as a support network for the purpose of finding employment for their underemployed friends. This accomplishes at least two things, more bloggers are gainfully employed, and those who help are able to extend their influence to a wider audience.

The idea was originally suggested by Jay Solo and was developed by Wayne Hurlburt. I have added a few thoughts here and there, but the door is wide open for anyone who would like to participate and expand this into a viable and growing enterprise.

In order for this to become a viable proposition, all participants need to derive appropriate exchange from their efforts. In other words, this is not charity, nor is it a paying proposition. It must be carried out so that the workload can be distributed amongst volunteers who have the time and inclination to help and can derive some benefit from helping those in need of help.

What are the possible benefits?

  • A topic of perennial interest for your weblog readers.
  • Additional traffic for your weblog
  • Recognition as a forward thinker in the blogging world
  • New friends and the satisfaction of a job well done

Does this alliance include promoting those searching for clients? After all, consultants, writers, and web designers, to name a few are always in need of more work. I don't know, but I think there are already networks for freelancers to bid on jobs and contact possible clients.

I think of this alliance as a means for those who have tried the usual means to get interviews and now are ready for personal referrals. In line with that, I feel that a blogger can pick and choose who they will mention on their weblog. This is a coalition of the willing. No one is "entitled" to get mentioned on any weblog.

In order to get mentioned on a participating weblog, a job seeker should send an email to the weblog owner and ask for inclusion in the next listing of worthy candidates for employment. The job seeker should have a website/weblog with information about themselves and contact information. A weblog with appropriate posts will go a long way toward presenting a picture of their competencies and personality.

This insures that interested parties can see what the job seekers are like and contact them as appropriate.

There is much more that can be done. You are invited to take part in this to whatever extent that you like. I would like to discuss planning details in emails, rather than in endless comments to the original post. Comments are welcome, but should be confined to general issues.

David St Lawrence

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