Employee Survival Guide

Chapter Headings



Table of Contents

1 Welcome

  • Who Should Read This Book
  • We Live In Unstable Times
  • How To Use This Book
  • How This Book Can Help You
  • When Can You Expect To See Results

2 Where Do You Start?

  • A Simple Basis For Judging People
  • The Good Workplace
  • Three Kinds Of Managers
  • Seduced By A Fantastic Job
  • More Seduction
  • Why Good People Hit The Wall
  • Why Good Jobs End Badly

3 Signs Of A Problem Workplace

  • Feeling Powerless?
  • Electronic Sweat Shops
  • Warm Chair Attrition
  • Waiting For The Axe To Fall
  • Performance Is More Important Than Feelings
  • Hell, Incorporated
  • A Litmus Test For Your Job
  • Nepotism
  • Don't Go There

4 What You Can Do

  • What Is Ruining Your Life?
  • Don't Send Mixed Messages At Work
  • The Toxic Individual
  • Yesterday's Experts - Woefully Out Of Touch
  • High Tech Employment May Be Hazardous To Your Health
  • Escaping A Dead-End Job
  • Integrity 101
  • Telling The Truth - Compassionately
  • Getting Along With Others

5 Choices You Can Make

  • It's Decision Time Again
  • Is It Time To Take Stock Of Your Life?
  • Voting With Your Feet
  • Your Career Curve
  • When Your Career Curve Is Rising
  • When Your Career Tops Out
  • It's Never Too Late To Change Horses
  • The Ideal Job
  • Advice for Whistleblowers
  • When You Are Out Of Work
  • Sometimes You Have To Bail Out

6 Starting Over

  • A New Door Opens...If You Let It
  • Getting Started
  • Get The Salary You Deserve
  • Stranger in a Strange Land - Building a Support Network
  • Setting Expectations For Performance
  • Simplifying Your Life At Work
  • Starting Your Next Job Successfully
  • Create Your Job Every Day
  • Doing What You Are Doing

7 Finding And Keeping A Better Job

  • Finding a Better Job
  • Defining A Better Job
  • Check Is In The Mail And Other Corporate Fables
  • Finding A Satisfying Job
  • Achieving a Successful Interview
  • Doing Your Own Thing

8 Toward A Brighter Future

  • Simplify Your Life
  • Lighten Up and Live Longer
  • Simple Actions to Raise Your Mood
  • When All Else Fails - Help Someone Else
  • Learn from Paul Newman

9 Working For Yourself

  • The Joys Of A Micro Business
  • The Lure of a Micro Business
  • Is there a micro business in your future?
  • Things You Can Learn As A Small Business Owner


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